SketchBrake V1. - CNC Variable Regen eBike brake lever, caliper & disk (Beta SOLD OUT)

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The first self contained 0-5v Variable Regen brake system for eBikes (Emoto Avail soon)

The SketchBrake lets you have full control of the regerative braking on your hub motor eBike adding stopping power and control as well as a more efficient way to recover energy with adjustable bias between motor and disk braking force, providing much stronger and more reliable braking than either regen or disk alone. 

The complete kit includes a SketchBrake lever, brake line and hydraulic dual piston caliper and disk and is available in a colour of your choice, the SketchBrake is compatible with any controller that has 3 wire variable regen.

The SketchBrake is in operational Beta testing currently, and each lever is individually custom made in australia, we are always interested in feedback from our beta testers before we move into full production, all pre orders will be sent in the order they are received.

the Cable actuated hydraulic SB caliper is available separately too

0-5v brake lever