Elimnate E-Bike Overheating Issues!

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Vastly Improved Thermal Dissipation & Performance for eBike Hub Motors

Vastly Improved Thermal Dissipation & Performance for eBike Hub Motors

Vastly improve the thermal management and power handling of hub motors with ~200% better overall thermal dissipation allowing much higher power levels and/or endurance to be achieved with higher motor efficiency due to lower copper losses.

Easy to Fit - Solve Your Overheating Issues!

Easy to Fit - Solve Your Overheating Issues!

HubSink comes in six separate pieces. Easy to install in 10 - 15 minutes without removing spokes on almost all wheel sizes down to 17"


Real world HubSink test videos

HubSink 2km Hillclimb

Testing the prototypes (and winning) the TT1500 race at 20kw

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Q: How much more power can i run?

(How much will my power density increase?) A: There are too many variables to make any concrete assumptions on exact power handling in practice but for arguments sake if a MXUS with FF is overheating 15 mins into a ride because it’s producing 2600W of excess heat under throttle and the hub can only shed 1500w, it looks like we can dissipate more than half of that excess to potentially let it be ridden in the exact same manner indefinitely with HubSinks. This needs further testing, it could be more because keeping the temp lower earlier improves efficiency. But thats why we’re doing a Beta stage.

Q: Will it fit my motor?

A: The Beta version of the HubSink will fit any of the ‘standard’ hubs with a 222mm ØD Magnet ring and at least 18mm free space between spoke flanges, MXUS, QS 205, Leaf, Crystalyte, 9C et-al (as a side note, thinner hubs like the 29mm stator MXUS will see a higher increase in thermal dissipation as a relative value)

Q: Do i have to remove my spokes to fit?

A: We designed the HubSink in 6 pieces so even on a 17” moto rim with 10a spokes, they should be easy to slide in then install.

Q: What if you paint it black?

A: Black anodisation will improve the emissivity factor from approx 0.09 to 0.89, so we did.

Q: What if you angle the fins 45°?

A: In testing, the centrifugal action of the spinning hub pulls the air in from the sides and flings it out radially, as the hub is in a low pressure area inside the spokes you’re better off putting a duct or a scoop to direct air towards the fins from the swingarm, although this has proven to be unnecessary.

Q: What if the fins were radial rather than axial?

A: Turbulent flow has a much higher rate of heat transfer than laminar, combined with the centrifugal action of the fins we have found this design to be the most effective.