QS 205 V3 - Performance E-bike Hub Motor combo(Up to 20KW peak)

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The most powerful hub motor available for eBikes today, capable of peaks above 20kw when combined with (preinstalled) Statorade and HubSinks, the QS205 has become synonymous with extreme performance. 100Kph/60Mph with the right controller (Sabvoton, Addapto) is easily achievable. Please make sure your bike can handle the motor before purchasing this to upgrade or build your eBike.

The two bikes running this exact combo won the TT1500 race by almost a full lap.

HubSinks and Statorade Ferrofluid pre-installed, Twin hall sensors, thermistor, 10mm2 phase wires, bulletproof tempered axle and 150mm dropouts, this is the highest brute force performance motor in its class.

If you are looking for a motor with less weight or to suit thinner dropouts check out the MXUS hubs here  - BALLARAT EBIKES MXUS

Contact us to confirm your configuration, stock is very limited.

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QS 3000W 205 50H V3 E-bike Direct Drive Spoke Hub Motor (Black New Version)
1. BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor Direct Drive Spoke Hub Motor
2. Power: 50mm magnet height, 16 pole paris, 3000W rated.
36 X Spoke Hole OD 4.2mm or Dual Spoke 3.4 & 4.2mm.
3. Speed: Winding 24*5T, 650RPM at 72V, equal to 9.03kV (optional) 
4. Designed to match with E-bike Disc brakes PCD6*44mm (not include Brake Disc), 
14mm English thread for single-speed Freewheel (not include freewheel), drop-outs/Rear Bridge Clamping Width (150mm) 
5. Two Halls with waterproof connectors, 10mm² Phase wire (not include insulation)
6. Thermic Probe: KTY 83/122 (optional)
7. Waterproof grade: IP54 
8. Efficiency: 90.8% 
9. Stronger configuration--high grade magnet, more cooper, bear more Ampere.
10. 10mm Axle flats 
Net Weight: 12.75kg, Gross Weight 14.5kg (with single-speed freewheel, in carton package) 
Package: 34cmX34cmX33cm