HubSink V2 for Hub motors

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The tested and proven V2 revision of the Hub Heatsink, the Hubsink!

Heat Dissipation to cool hub motors, stop overheating and hill climb better!

The Hubsinks have proven over years of real world testing and thousands of bikes to vastly improve the thermal management and power handling of hub motors with ~200% better overall thermal dissipation!  If your hub motor is overheating or you want better hill climb or general riding performance.

Easy to Fit

HubSink comes in six separate pieces. Easy to install in 5 - 10 minutes, standard version fits most motors, (For QS273 or TC Crown, be sure to select the right option if you have either of the larger motors)

QS273 Hubsink, Beta versions are now available to cool an overheating QS273 hub motor, these need some massaging to fit at the moment but work very well, they need the radius to be pushed down in the centre to match your motor and ensure good contact all the way around the circumference.